Is Truvia Safe?

There has been an on-going controversy about the safeness of artificial sweeteners. While some say they are safe and wont cause health issues, others believe they may have some long term damaging effects such as cancer. But what about the safeness of a “natural sweetener?”  Truvia is a new replacement for sugar that claims to be a kosher certified natural sweetner dervied from the stevia plant. One packet of Truvia sweetener  provides the same sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar.

However, don’t be fooled by its claims to be a “natural sweetener”. In my book, the only true natural sweetener is real sugar itself. Yes, sugar in large doses is not particularly good for your overall health, but using calorie-free sugar substitutes is not a much healthier option. For example, Truvia was just put on the market this year and has already been banned by Austrailia, New Zealand, and the European Union due to its possible cancer causing effects. So you be the judge, is cutting a few extra calories really worth the potential health risks in the long run?

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