About time I crossed this off my Bucket List!

About Time I Crossed this off my Bucket List

Happy Saturday! Today, I woke up to beautiful San Francisco sunny skies and 67 degree weather in the middle of February. Don’t let anyone tell you San Francisco is always foggy..it’s a lie!

Anyway, the gorgeous weather inspired me to cross something off my bucket list. Since I moved to San Francisco in August (originally from the east bay), I have been dying to go on a run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Now don’t get me wrong I have been across the bridge many times via car, even walked it, but I wanted to run to the bridge and back from my apartment. I am happy say I can now cross this off my bucket list today! In total, it was an 11 mile run and it was one of the most beautiful runs I have ever been on. I even got a tan line.. in February… whaaat! Below are some pictures from my run. If you are ever in San Francisco and looking for a run, this is the one you absolutely have to do in my opinion. You could even walk it, I promise it will be just as pretty 🙂

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco

What have you accomplished on your bucket list?! 

Why Zumba?

Zumba has been around for a couple years now, but just recently it seems to have become increasingly popular in the fitness world. Many people have heard about Zumba, but few really know exactly what it is or what kind of fitness benefits it provides. Zumba is a mix of Latin and International music. The workout itself is essentially a dance routine that incorporates aerobic and fitness interval training.

The benefits? A sculpted torso and toned body. Zumba is a great way to tone your core and strengthen your back and torso. It also helps shape your arms, legs, hips, heart and mind.  So what do you have to lose? Nothing. Contact your local gym to see if they offer Zumba classes and give it a try!