Enriched vs. Fortified: There IS a Difference

Walking through the grocery store, people often see labels that say enriched with this or fortified with that, and they automatically think the product is healthy. But it is important to know the difference between fortified and enriched foods.

So, what does “enriched” really mean? Enriched foods mean the vitamins and minerals that were lost in the refining process are added back after the fact. For example, if you see a product that says enriched with iron, the iron originally found in the food was lost during the refining process and has now been added back. However, this also means that the food has gone through a refining process in the first place (stripping much of its original nutritional value), which should make you think twice about its health benefits now.

Fortified means that vitamins and/or minerals have been added to the food in addition to the level of vitamins or minerals that were naturally in the food before it went through the refining process.

Many of us get a lot of the essential vitamins and minerals through fortification or enrichment of foods. However, be careful of the foods you buy with these labels.  For example,  sugary cereals are now being fortified with different vitamins and minerals, but this does not make the mass amounts of sugar just go away.  Watch this video to find out more about fortified cereals and other natural foods that are beneficial to your health and help boost  immunity: