About time I crossed this off my Bucket List!

About Time I Crossed this off my Bucket List

Happy Saturday! Today, I woke up to beautiful San Francisco sunny skies and 67 degree weather in the middle of February. Don’t let anyone tell you San Francisco is always foggy..it’s a lie!

Anyway, the gorgeous weather inspired me to cross something off my bucket list. Since I moved to San Francisco in August (originally from the east bay), I have been dying to go on a run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Now don’t get me wrong I have been across the bridge many times via car, even walked it, but I wanted to run to the bridge and back from my apartment. I am happy say I can now cross this off my bucket list today! In total, it was an 11 mile run and it was one of the most beautiful runs I have ever been on. I even got a tan line.. in February… whaaat! Below are some pictures from my run. If you are ever in San Francisco and looking for a run, this is the one you absolutely have to do in my opinion. You could even walk it, I promise it will be just as pretty šŸ™‚

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco

What have you accomplished on your bucket list?!Ā 

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