Is Truvia Safe?

There has been an on-going controversy about the safeness of artificial sweeteners. While some say they are safe and wont cause health issues, others believe they may have some long term damaging effects such as cancer. But what about the safeness of a “natural sweetener?”  Truvia is a new replacement for sugar that claims to be a kosher certified natural sweetner dervied from the stevia plant. One packet of Truvia sweetener  provides the same sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar.

However, don’t be fooled by its claims to be a “natural sweetener”. In my book, the only true natural sweetener is real sugar itself. Yes, sugar in large doses is not particularly good for your overall health, but using calorie-free sugar substitutes is not a much healthier option. For example, Truvia was just put on the market this year and has already been banned by Austrailia, New Zealand, and the European Union due to its possible cancer causing effects. So you be the judge, is cutting a few extra calories really worth the potential health risks in the long run?

For more information, visit the Truvia site:

2 responses

  1. First, Truvia and stevia are not the same thing, it is only a brand of stevia. There are many stevia products out there. But you’re right. Truvia, as well as stevia brands are not as natural as they would like you to think. The stevia itself is comepletely safe and has been used or 1500 years in South America and in Asia or decades without any offical documented reports of adverse reactions. It’s actually consumed in more countries than people realize, and frankly more than I care to mention right now. It has been consumed by hundreds of millions of people over a very long period of time without any documented reports of problems. For me, that’s more convincing then some perceived results in rats– which I’m sure is the reason why it has been banned in some well-intentioned, yet ignorant countries. In fact, it is health promoting. It has been used in South America to treat diabetes because it can lower blood sugar to put blood sugar levels in proper balance, as well as nourish the pancreas. It can also lower high blood pressure and provide good oral hygiene, and perhaps boost brain function. It is also aids in weight loss because it provides the very minerals the body needs to curb sweet cravings and has 0 calories and 0 carbs. When used topically it heal a soar throat (sprayed down the throat) or an open wound and can be used as general skin care to help with wrinkles, acne, and soften skin. In tea form it can soothe an upset stomache.

    However, this is only true with natural stevia. Most stevia brands use ethanol, methanol, solvents, or a combination of them during extraction, which results in nutrients being removed from the leaves (bad extraction) and that weird afteraste. Now some are adding masking agents to their product to cover up the taste, making their product even more unnatural. Most blend their products with alcohol sugars, dextrose, malto-dextrin, or a combination of them. Therefore, the great benefits of stevia as a sweetener are negated or reduced.

    I enjoy SweetLeaf Sweetener stevia. To my knowledge, they are the only 100% natural stevia brand on the market. They extract using only pure water during the whole process, so the natural sweet taste of the leaf remains without the afteraste, and with the nutrients. Nothing is added to cover up the taste because it is not needed. The only thing that’s blended with SweetLeaf Sweetener is inulin, a prebiotic all natural soluble fiber which aids digestive health.

    So, yes pure cane sugar is natural, but not really good for you. Pure, natural stevia will not only not hurt you, but will help you be healthier. The trick is to find the brand that is pure and retains stevia’s medincinal properties–which is why I highly recommend SweetLeaf Sweetener stevia!

    I made cranberry orange muffins for Thanksgiving with their stevia, an it turned out well!

  2. I’ve been wondering about this product. I must admit that I have a nearly insatiable sweet tooth and am always looking for some sort of substitutes. I mostly wind up drinking plain water, as diet beverages don’t cut it for me, and fruits seem to do the trick keeping the sugar craving at bay.
    I just wonder if there will ever be a risk-free substitute for the real thing: sugar!
    Thanks for something to consider here today.

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