What Exactly are “Whole Grains”?


We are constantly told that if we are going to eat any type of carb that it better be whole grain. However, most people don’t even know what a  “whole grain” really is, or why consuming them is more beneficial to your health.  Hopefully after reading this post you become clear on what whole grains are so the next time your told to eat them you know why.

When you eat carbs like white rice or white bread, you are consuming refined grains. This means you are consuming milled grains.  Milled grains have been through a  process that removes the bran and germ of the grain. They give a finer texture and help improve the shelf life of the product, but what most people don’t realize is the process also removes nutritious dietary fiber, iron, and B vitamins.

Foods containing whole grains, such as brown rice, mean you are literally eating the entire grain kernel which includes the bran, germ and endosperm.  The bran is the outer shell of the kernel and contains fiber and B vitamins, while the germ provides nourishment for the seed and provides antioxidants, vitamin E and B vitamins.

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